Master Sanders was appointed to the SMAC Board of Directors as Deputy Regent in 1996. Although serving as a new Board Member, his experience and knowledge have been a tremendous asset to all board actions and decisions.

Master Sanders is the Chief Instructor of Sanders' Martial Arts Inc., which is located in the towns of Grenada and Winona, MS. Satellite Schools of Sanders' Martial Arts include Louisville, and Kosciusco.

Master Sanders is assistsed by his wife Robin (a red belt) who also serves as secretary and manager. Their five childre, Adam, Kyle, Steven, April, and Hope are also enthustiastic of the martial arts.

Master Sanders (Center), with his two first

degree black belt sons, Steven and Kyle


Ray Groceman

Wayne Englebert

Steven Sanders

Kyle McDill

Jessy Gayden

Donald Martin

Bradley Blaylock

Brad Ulmer

Ronald McGahey

Deborah Blake

Connie McDonald

Dustin Gentry


Gober Grantham McCown Sias